Management Team

Saraswati Foundation’s Management Team is a group of committed individuals, who help strategies, formulate decisions, and provide guidance in an effective manner towards to achieve the organization’s goal of alleviating poverty, and empowering the lives and livelihoods of women and girls in the country.
Mr. VIJAY KUMAR : Managing Director & Founder, Saraswati Foundation
Vijay Kumar is the Managing Director of Saraswati Foundation. A graduate from Institute of Hotel Management, Srinagar (J&k), and a post graduate from Sunrise university, Alwar (Rajasthan). Vijay also hold a Post Graduate Diploma in tourism & hotel management, Diploma in nutrition & health Education, Diploma in Yoga Science. Vijay Kumar has more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of hospitality, Education, consumer products and travel related services. His core areas of expertise include brand development, sales & marketing, relationship management, and communications. Vijay has worked with both global and Indian brands such as Siva Oasis Hotels & Resorts, Clark’s Hotels, Triputi Hotels & Restaurants, and Konark College, successfully mentoring large multi-cultural teams across categories. Vijay has always led businesses from the front, focusing on customer satisfaction, operations, distribution channels, acquisition and retention- which have stood strong through times. His ability to work with cross functional teams, coupled with excellent relationships within the corporate and government sector, and an incisive capability of quick decision-making have been the hallmarks of his success.

Smt. Meenakshi V Saini : President , Saraswati Foundation
Meenakshi is President in Saraswati Foundation. Meenakshi has more than 6 years of rich experience in the development sector in the areas of programming and research. Her work spanned in the areas of Adolescent reproductive health, Education, Child care, Women’s empowerment. Meenakshi has a Master’s degree in Political Science from Shobhit University.

Mr. RAJKUMAR PRAJAPAT : Secretary , Saraswati Foundation
Rajkumar prajapat is secretary in Saraswati Foundation. He did his graduation Sunrise University, Alwar (Rajasthan) and is a qualified star health education planner for company star health education. Rajkumar comes with 5 years of experience in leading and executing business growth strategies and transformation initiatives through collaboration with multiple cross-functional teams. He has worked with large Indian and has a strong expertise in business planning, risk management, compliance and risk. He is a multi-faceted agile leader focused on strategic change initiatives to resolve business challenges and has been recognized for building high performance global teams across multiple continents with disparate skillsets. His key strength lies in his analytical skills, business acumen and people leadership.

Mr. Sanjay Yadav : Planning Manager, Saraswati Foundation 
Sanjay Yadav holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Rajasthan University. He have a diploma of BTEC (bachelor technical education counselor). He started his career in 2009 as a Receptionist and moved on to a great hospitality role by receptionist and re-enforcing quality hospitality. He is working also as director of neo global college right now. His skills lie in working with women Self Help Groups and conducting training programs on empowerment. Sanjay’s key skills include monitoring teacher training programs, managing stakeholder relationship, budgeting and implementation of projects. He is known as a Strategic person in whole planning about a program me in Saraswati Foundation.
Mr. Neeraj Sharma:
Mr. Vikas Sharma: Development Officer, Saraswati Foundation 
Vikas is the Development Officer, Event Management and Organization Development. He provides leadership to the HR&OD team in developing effective and transformational human resource strategies, aligned to the vision and mission of Saraswati Foundation. From 2015, Vikasi has been playing a key role in coordinating the Organizational Leadership and Development Team (OLMT). With 10 years’ of experience in the development sector, Vikas has worked in a number of positions at Saraswati Foundation. Vikas has a Diploma in pharmacy From Rajasthan Health & Science, Rajasthan.